In addition to the manufacturing of standardized clamps, tapping tee’s, and couplings, we are also able to customize solutions specifically for your needs. Our skilled workforce, conveniently located in-house manufacturing, and selection of first-rate materials enable us to deliver quality products within the shortest lead times.


Our engineering department designs customized solution repair clamps and couplings. Using our 2D and 3D engineering software, we can also manufacture products based on models designed by others.


Different manufacturing techniques are used to cut, roll, and bend sheet metal. However, the combination of in-house engineering, and CAD/CAM and CNC creates flexibility which enables us to manufacture customised products for a wide range of applications in the market.


We use reliable and flexible shipping companies which guarantee fast delivery throughout Europe including an option to have the delivery within three working days. In the event of urgency, we also offer the possibility to deliver directly to the required location. We invite you to contact us to explore our available delivery options.