Leenders Repair Clamps

With over 25 years of experience, Leenders Repair Clamps is a renowned supplier of repair products for the water and gas industry. Regardless of your demand for standardized clamps, tappings, couplings, or customized solutions , our company comprises of the knowledge, capabilities, and tools to meet your needs.

Future proof

Our modern in-house engineering and manufacturing techniques combined with our extensive network of qualified suppliers make us your ideal partner for the manufacturing of clamps and couplings.


Through distributors, our products are available to a variety of users within Europe. The water distribution industry commonly uses our products. However, our products are also highly applicable in gas distribution and a wide variety of industrial and chemical sectors. Prices for standardized products are based on our pricelists and quotations are created for customized solutions.

  • Water
  • Gas
  • Industrial/ Chemical

Quality & Service

We strive to continuously create a sustainable and high quality solution for our customer’s problem by only using top-grade and certified materials. We choose to never compromise product quality over cost or lead time. We are ISO 9001 certified which secures our quality management system and optimized processes.